ACA Will Help Self-Employed and Would-be Entrepreneurs

As most regular readers of this blog know, I’m self-employed. Fortunately, I don’t need to worry about health insurance, since I am covered through my husband’s job. However, many are not so lucky, and must purchase a health plan on the open market. For a family of four, that can easily cost close to $20,000 […]

Health Reform Provisions Kick In

several new health reform provisions kick in this week: a boon for consumers or more fodder for the Republicans?

Are You a Cyberchondriac?

Do common symptoms lead you to extensive literature searches on a disease you likely don’t even have? You might be a cyberchondriac.

What, me stressed?

you can’t always predict when things will go wrong, but you can take control of how you handle bad situations, manage your stress, and promote your well-being.

The Sweet Quotient

Are you one of the 6 million Americans that have Type 2 diabetes and don’t know it? Or are you part of the 57 million that are at high risk? Check your sugar quotient.