What’s a woman to do?

And, the debate over mammography continues. This time, it’s the American Cancer Society causing a stir. The organization revised their recommended breast cancer screening guidelines and it’s already causing some dissention.  ACS said the updated guidelines provide evidence-based recommendations for breast cancer screening for women at average risk of breast cancer. Details are in the Oct. 20 Journal of the American Medical Association. What does this…

Top Health Stories of 2010

these 10 health stories really got my attention in 2010

1 in 6 get sick from food

food bourne illnesses hit 48 million people in the US each year

Health Reform Provisions Kick In

several new health reform provisions kick in this week: a boon for consumers or more fodder for the Republicans?

Closing the HIT Generation Gap

EHR adoption is growing, although some doctors are still resisting