One Resolution You Should Keep

Happy 2013!

While our nation’s leaders play political chess, millions of Americans await the final tally on budget cuts to health and wellness programs, medical research, Medicare and Medicaid. It sure seems like the inmates are running the asylum.

In the meantime, perhaps it’s best to focus on something you can control – like better health habits. If you smoke, this is a great time to make that resolution to quit. Quitting smoking not only improves your quality of life, but also helps those around you to breathe easier.

The good news is that the overall smoking rate in the U.S. has declined over the past few decades. The bad news is that about one in five people still don’t get the message. Although you may choose to harm your own health, what about the health of others affected by second-hand smoke?

Maybe this will put things in perspective.

Secondhand-smoke-effects-infographicinfographic:  RabbitAir

You do want to be around to welcome in more new years, don’t you?

Here are some  organizations that can help. Speak with your health care provider first about your specific situation.