Immunization Update: Adults Need Their Shots Too

When I was a kid, I always got a lollipop after a doctor’s visit that included “a shot.” I may not have understood anything about vaccines back then, but as an adult I know the importance of keeping my immunizations current. This is a simple (almost) painless way to be proactive about your health — and can help to prevent serious complications, especially if you have underlying conditions.

Each year, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices  (ACIP) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reviews the recommended adult immunization schedule to ensure that it reflects current recommendations for licensed vaccines.

Here is the ACIP-approved 2012 schedule:

If you travel outside of the U.S.,  you may need additional vaccines. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides information to assist travelers and their healthcare providers in deciding the vaccines, medications, and other measures necessary to prevent illness and injury during international travel. You can also check the US State Department website for tips on bringing medications or filling prescriptions abroad.

My immunizations are current — are yours? And by the way, I still want a lollipop.

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