Better coverage for women’s preventive health starts today

Expanded women’s health benefits under the ACA start today

Important Shift in Women’s Health Benefits This Week

Many new health benefits for women go into effect on August 1

Calcium Supplements May be Bad for Your Heart. Or not.

Calcium supplements may lead to increased risk of heart attacks. So eat more broccoli instead.

New Study Adds to Screening Mammography Controversy

This post is based on my recent news report in Digital Journal Results of a new study from Norway show that 15 to 25 percent – or about one in four – cases of breast cancer found through routine screening mammography is over diagnosed and would never have posed a health risk for the women had […]

Check Your “D”

My doctor and I were recently surprised by the results of routine blood test – my vitamin D levels were well below the “normal” range. Of the various health issues to be concerned about, Vitamin D was nowhere near the top of my list. Recent studies in the journal Nutrition Research and The Southern Medical […]