Gun control is a public health issue

gun control is a public health issue. let’s treat it like one.

Stress: September’s Song

September. Students and parents are not the only ones coping with the stress that comes from this time of transition. Teachers — from kindergarten to grad school – are also faced with a plethora of unknowns, eager anticipation, unrealistic expectations placed on them by parents, students, administrators, and perhaps of themselves. While a quick Google […]

Celebrate Women’s Health

It will give you (and them) a heads up to be aware of possible serious conditions that may be hereditary, such as heart disease, diabetes, or sickle cell disease. … Many hazards in the home are overlooked, but easy to fix, such as picking up scatter rugs, installing grips in the shower or tub, picking up clutter, such as books or magazines, off of the floor and stairs.

Post Traumatic Stress – relieved or relived?

consider 9/11 families’ mental health needs while covering the bin Laden story

The Stigma of Mental Health and the Shooting in Tuscon

In the wake of the Tucson shooting, our mental health system needs another look.