Most Breast Cancer Patients May Not Be Getting Enough Exercise

A new study in the journal CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, finds that most participants in a large breast cancer study did not meet national physical activity guidelines after diagnosis. African-American women were less likely to meet the guidelines than white women. Physical activity after breast cancer diagnosis has been linked…Read more Most Breast Cancer Patients May Not Be Getting Enough Exercise

Our Aging Eyes

excerpted from my post at Covering Health, the blog of Association of Health Care Journalists Sitting in the waiting room of my opthalmologist’s office was an an elderly man, who I later learned was 100 years old, perhaps 102, no one was sure. He could walk with the help of his aide and a sturdy…Read more Our Aging Eyes

“As the interne…

“As the internet plays an increasingly central role in connecting Americans of all ages to news and information, government services, health resources, and opportunities for social support, these divisions are noteworthy—particularly for the many organizations and individual caregivers who serve the older adult population.” –PewResearch Internet Project, Older Adults and Technology Use, April 2014 Read…

Will Virtual Consults Solve the Provider Shortage?

I’ve attended several health conferences over the past couple of months and whether the conversations are about the Affordable Care Act allowing more people to get preventive care, using more home care instead of institutional care, or caring for our aging population, one topic that consistently comes up is the projected shortage of primary health […]