Texas Health Plan May Strand Thousands of Women

The state of Texas is famous for many things – from the Alamo to oil. However, being “women’s health friendly” certainly isn’t on the list. A new report comes down hard on a Texas plan to ban participation by Planned Parenthood clinics in the state’s Women’s Health Program (WHP). If enacted, tens of thousands of […]

10 by 50: Health Screenings Women Need by Mid-Life

Women often put the health and wellness of kids, spouse, or parents first. It’s easy to shrug off doctor’s appointments until “later.” But if you don’t take care of yourself now, you may be risking more serious conditions “later.” Here are 10 important screenings and tests you should undergo by age 50: Mammograms: There’s still […]

Breast Cancer: The Mammography Controversy

Breast cancer awareness month began today – and this year brings some good news for women throughout the United States. Just weeks ago I reported on newly-enacted women’s health benefits mandated under the Affordable Care Act – among them: mammograms and well woman visits must be covered by insurance without a copayment. This means millions […]