Another medical horror comes to light

Guatemalans were subject to amoral experiments on STDs by the US Government in the 1940s

Transforming health, one connection at a time

We have all heard the horror stories of insurance companies denying lifesaving care to individuals, dropping policies when members undergo expensive treatments, or raising premiums to a level that the average individual or small employer can no longer afford. I despised these overbloated, faceless entities deciding what anyone’s healthcare should consist of – that’s the […]

Parenting Our Parents

Many of us are at that point where just as our kids need us less, our parents need us more. We have moved away from the old “nuclear family” concept, when generations often lived together or near by. Now, juggling a job, home, kids, and parents becomes a tremendous exercise in stress.  MetLife estimates that […]

Healthcare, Empowerment, and the Digital Divide

A new survey just out by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics shows that higher income white women are the primary seekers of health information on the Internet.  I won’t bore you with the breakdown of all of the stats – you can read them here. What troubles me about this survey are the […]