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My primary beats include aging, women’s health, social determinants,  and health policy. I also write and report on politics, e-health, and lifestyle issues.

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Why do doctors struggle with end of life care?

  Discussing end of life care is something that both patients and physicians struggle with. A panel of experts briefed reporters recently on some of the challenges. New America Media picked up the story. Published: May 5, 2015  

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What Makes an Age-Friendly City?

  How can cities make it easier for older adults to age in place? Experts at the Columbia University Age Boom Academy shared ideas on how more cities can become age-friendly and which ones are doing it right. I reported on the conference for Covering Health, the blog of the Association of Health Care Journalists (AHCJ). Published: June […]

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Healthy Aging…Into Your 80s and Beyond

  Healthy aging is possible at any age, and it’s about a lot more than just physical well-being. For Consumer Reports, I took a  look at how some people are planning for an age-friendly future. Published:  June 2014.


Older Women Count: Special U.N. Panel Coverage

  Older Women Count: Special UN Panel Focuses on Violence Against Older Women. On March 17, 2015, The UN Commission on the Status of Women took a look at the global challenges of gender violence in an aging society. This first appeared on HealthCetera, the blog of the Center for Health, Media & Policy. Published: […]


A Push for a National Breast Density Law

This Connecticut Health I-Team article on efforts to pass breast density inform laws in every state was nationally syndicated and appeared in  The Hartford Courant, New Haven Register, and The Los Angeles Times. Published: October 14, 2013


Helping Alzheimer’s Caregivers Navigate the Health System

I developed this eight-part series to help family caregivers navigate the often-confusing U.S. health system for, an international site focused on caregiver support, resources and building community  Published:  September 2014

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Nursing: Not Just a “Woman’s Career”

The future of nursing looks bright – as this story shows. It is part of a six-part series I wrote for Published: June 2012


Long Term Care a Growing Crisis

The long term care needs of our older population are a growing concern for policymakers. Kaiser Health News ran this brief about one expert’s take on the issue. Published: November, 2012


HealthStyles on WBAI-FM

I’m a co-producer and reporter for HealthStyles, on WBAI-FM NYC/Pacifica Radio. Listen to some of my reports on health issues that affect us all.  

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The Link Between PTSD and Diabetes

I often write about medical studies like this one for, It looked at the relationship between mental and physical health. My goal is to help the public understand what the latest research really means for them.   Published January 7, 2015


The Hidden Costs of Cancer

Cancer is not only a devastating disease but can quickly become a financial burden with many expenses not covered by insurance. I talked with numerous cancer patients, survivors and experts for this article for Women magazine, which appeared in print and online.   Published September, 2012  


Losing Sleep for Fear of Becoming a Bag Lady

Many women are financially unprepared for their later years. What can they do to ensure good quality of life as they get older? The Silver Century Foundation asked me to take a look.     published October 2015

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